My Slimming World Journey

12th October 2016 , is the day that would change my life forever. I would walk through the door of the Chapel in Dodworth to meet the most welcoming Slimming World consultant called Christine Melhuish who would start me on my journey to a slimmer, fitter and more confident me although not knowing this at the time.

I had visited group a couple of week or so before not thinking about joining as I was there to support my wife who was thinking of joining and of course was asked the question have you thought about joining, but being a bloke thought no its not gunna be for me this but didn’t dismiss the idea and explained to Christine that it’s something I would contemplate and when I put my mind to something I go all in. So whilst pondering over this issue I would unofficially start the journey and when I walked through the door to make the life changing decision I was already around a stone lighter.

My decision wasn’t easy to make, but it transpires was necessary as my weight had become so out of control that I needed the major changes to happen and for the better . I had become so obese that every day life was been affected and I didn’t know about it. I had visited the doctors with regards to several health issues, which included High Blood pressure, and major snoring issues. The doctor explained that it was all attributed by all the excess weight that I was carrying and that if I didn’t do something about it I could probably be dead before I was 50. He also stated I could and was surprised I didn’t have weight related diabetes, it also became apparent following the further tests for the snoring that I was stopping breathing during the night due to excess weight on my throat. That was a contributing factor to the reason of when I returned home from work that I would fall asleep on the sofa because I was always tired which was causing relationship issues as I was always asleep. I was also so obese that my favourite work trousers had become tight and looking for the same brand on the internet I was obvious that they didn’t do a larger size as a 56″ waist was the biggest size they did. At this point I was also in size 4 or 5xl top and a 58″ suit, being so big I would feel the eyes of people burying into me and I would go on holiday and whilst on a flight would need the seat belt extension reserved normally for pregnant women. I wasn’t happy with how I looked without my shirt off and became a little withdrawn with little to no confidence, but this didn’t stop me taking my body further into a state of despair. I would go to the shop and buy chocolate, but it wasn’t A bar it would be a 4 pack on offer for a pound, I would buy the big sharing bag of crisps and share them with ME, I would buy family trifles for MYSELF, I would buy cream cakes from Morrison’s that would have 2 in and if I could decide which one I would want I would buy a couple of packs and EAT BOTH 4 in total. I could easily buy fish or chips or both on the way home from work and then have my tea when I got in, the horror stories could continue, so that was it – enough was enough. I would go home and cry and give myself a good hard look at and realise that I needed to change.

On 12th October I came to my first group meeting had the new member talk, signed on the dotted line and at the end was weighed tipping the scales at a mighty 29 stone 4 pounds, my journey on Slimming world had begun.

47 sessions later, which in total is 11 months exactly I have shed an official total of 11 stone 7 pounds (13/9/17) and reached my Target weight of 18 stone plus another 3 pound making my weight 17 st 11 pd. In this time I have achieved Slimmer of the week 23 times, I have achieved slimmer of the month 9 times, I have also achieved my groups ” Greatest Loser 2017 ” and ” Man of the Year 2017 ” all voted for, by the members in my group.

I now can go buy clothes off the peg being a size xl or 2xl dependent on fit, I also buy a 40″ waist trouser/jeans (a drop of 16 “). I go walking as often as possible and go out on my bicycle (that is 24 years old) for a good ride of 10 / 20 mile at a time as often as possible and when I can I will go Rugby training with my son at Barnsley Rugby Club. I have loads of energy now and when I’m out with family instead of being the one lagging behind, they now need to keep up with me!

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