Staincross Rifle and Pistol Club – Results of Last 12 Months

My last report was in the October 2013 issue, since then the club has gone from strength to strength. Membership has increased with a wide range of age groups.

Picture of Barry Johnson MBE
Barry Johnson M.B.E.
Club Secretary

We have a mixed group of young people and I believe that learning to shoot and working with adults in a small environment like ours will contribute to making good citizens in the future just like any other sporting activity. They learn a certain amount of discipline and responsibility which is enormously worthwhile and of course this aim is part of our constitution. There is of course the other reward of working with our dedicated and enthusiastic adults who give them every support. We have quite a few combinations of parent + young person and grandfather + grandson the embarrassing problem being that in some cases the younger member of the family is getting slightly better than the adult.

Our objectives for the club are slowly being achieved.

Small working parties under the supervision of Ernest Shaw, Graham Watts and Eric Harrod have started to improve our facilities, but we still have a long way to go.

We decided that we now require more range staff for supervision of the new members.

So we approached the (NSRA) National Small bore Rifle Association based at the National Shooting Centre, Bisley, Surrey to organise an (RCO) Range Control Officers Course. They in turn arranged for one of their National Assessor’s to come to the club one Sunday morning. There were some very worried expressions on the faces of our five candidates before the five hour training course they had not attended courses or similar in some cases for over thirty years.  Congratulations to John Dye, Martin Benson, Graham Watts, Peter Stratford and John Banner who all successfully passed.

Over too many years to remember, the club has produced many fine shooters in all the small bore rifle disciples winning competitions was not usual in fact it was expected.

The results from the last twelve months are outstanding and are worth a mention:

The Association of Leeds & District Rifle and Pistol Clubs – 2013 Summer Results.Members won 10 Gold Medals in both Individual & Team Events as follows:

Team Carbine      NA Darwin     P Rusby     TA Mottram     TJ Reid     A Maw

Individual      M Clayton x 2      TJ Reid     A Maw

Light Weight Rifle      A Maw
Members awarded both a gold medal and a Certificate

Division 1 Team Carbine      N Darwin     TJ Reid     A Maw

Division 2 Team Carbine      G Watts     A Fenton     P Rusby

Division 3 Team Carbine      M Clayton     N Hill     TA Mottram


World Police & Fire Games  June 2013 – Belfast

B Johnson was invited to be a member of The Great Britain Team.

Shooting at 300,500 and 600m – Results

Host Country Team Match: Bronze Medal

WPFG Team Championship: Silver Medal

Individual Championship: Silver Medal (lost by 2 points)


Image of Luca Shaw
Luca Shaw
Skirmish Competition Winner

The Association of Leeds & District Rifle and Pistol Clubs – 2013-14 Winter Results

Unfortunately our members did not have a good shoot this winter failing to win in all competitions, with two exemptions:

Division 10 Individual Carbine     E Shaw – Gold Medal Winner

Airsoft Skirmish Competition     Luca Shaw – Certificate

This competition is designed for young future shooters with no experience and is an introduction to the sport of shooting at an early age the ammunition being small plastic balls. Congratulations to Luca Shaw (grandson of Ernest) on winning his first competition.


Civil Service Target Shooting Association 2013-14 Winter Results

Division 5 -25m     B JohnsonGold Medal

Division 10 – 50m     B JohnsonGold Medal

Barry Johnson MBE
Club Secretary

Note: Barry is a retired HM Prison Officer who has competed for Great Britain seven times in the WPFG and is looking for sponsorship for the 2015 World Police & Fire Games anyone interested can contact him at

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