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Image of Joanne Ruston, editor of The Darton East & West Arrow

"I set out to make a magazine that is community driven, to give value to my advertisers and readers alike. Over a decade later, I still stand by my original aims."

Joanne Ruston - Editor



"In late 2006, I told my family that I was going to produce a magazine for the community funded by advertisers. Their doubt that I would get support from other businesses only fuelled the flames of my determination.


Over 10 years later and The Darton Arrow is still going strong.


The magazine is produced by myself, Joanne Ruston, with design and IT support from my colleague (and ex-husband) Phil Ruston.


Also, I feel credit must go to the wonderful community that The Darton Arrow covers. People and businesses are very supportive which is integral to the success of the magazine."

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